Plans, Plans, Plans!

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This week, I decided to work on the plans for my final presentation. Unfortunately, I was unable to practice because I suffered a small injury on my finger. On a positive note, I was able to get a general idea of how I want my presentation to be structured.

First, I will open with a crash course on the structure of the violin. In this crash course, I will list the names of the strings as well as some of the different parts of the violin. I will also play each of the strings individually as I introduce them. Next, I will talk about the name of the clef for violin music. I will reveal some of the easy tricks that I used to help me read violin music as well as the resources that helped me learn the clef. I will also list any troubles I had as well as how long it took for me to read the sheet music. I will also explain the issues I still have today, such as occasionally misreading the sheet music. I will then explain that it is important to learn how to play the scales before playing sheet music because it helps with intonation. I will then show my usual tuning process before playing 2 versions of the D major scale to show differences in bow technique. I will also talk about my bad posture and technique habits as I play. I may need to borrow a chair and a music stand from the orchestra room to use while I play because that is the standard playing position for violinists. Afterwards, I will give a brief overview about my progress and mention my struggles in intonation and rhythm. I will also mention what I wish I could have done to improve my playing such as scheduling more meetings with other violinists for feedback. I may also play a short excerpt from “Canon in D”. In the end, I will talk about my current level of playing and what I hope to accomplish in the future.

So for now, my plans for the final presentation will be somewhat similar to what I stated above. This week, I also did some more research on the mechanics of the violin to use for my presentation. These mechanics include tuning by ear, which I do not know how to do because I often tune with a tuning app. I want to talk about tuning with an app and tuning by ear because not everyone is able to have the resources to tune with an app. Through my research, I learned that turning the peg or fine tuner to the right makes the pitch higher while turning the peg or fine tuner to the left makes the pitch lower. I plan on using this information when I briefly go over my usual tuning process before playing the 2 scales.

For myself, I am discovering that I am becoming more comfortable with the presentation because I have a clear idea of what I want to present. I feel more comfortable with talking rather than playing because I know that my playing tends to worsen in front of an audience due to nerves. However, I still want to play a small excerpt of a well known song because it is important to show my ability rather than just explaining what I can do.

Next week, I need to definitely practice the excerpt I want to play for the final presentation as well as gather more information on the points I want to make. For my final product, I am leaning towards playing the full version of “Canon in D”. If I am not allowed to use the same song in both the presentation and the product, even if they are different excerpts, I think I might play “Kiss the Rain” by Yiruma.


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